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Adult Foster Homes

Because we really do care

Jones Adult Foster Home Pool Party 2008


     Have Fun , Swim, Eat, Find $$, Goof off, Relax, Just have plain old fun. .          
       Brochure Front and Brochure Back ,all in PDF .

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      Our Mission:

We have dedicated our lives to the hearing impaired, mentally retarded, developmentally disabled / mentally ill (MR/DD) Adult foster care field. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients through public interaction, work programs, and activities. We feel that they deserve the chance to live a happier, longer, more fulfilling life.

More about us

Services: "DD; MED; DD Clients 18-50" Schizophrenia Bi-polar Autism; PTSD; Hyperactivity Mental Health Support Coordination of Medical Services Medication Management; Medical Transportation and Other Necessary Transportation Behavior Management and Social Redirection Daily Grooming and Activities (ADLS) Training Programs; Money Management Vocational and Educational Support ISP's & IEP's Independent Living Skills Training Fluent in American Sign Language

Future Events:

1. Pool Party is July 9th, 2011. This is Fun !!!

2.Campout is Aug 13-14, 2011.This is extremely big and a lot of fun.


Site news:

1. Want to go on a trip??  Our Clients Motor Home, They will enjoy to Disney Land and Grand Canyon, also to Las Vegas and Idaho, going to be a good trip.

2.  Future

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